Tips for Safe Driving During the Snowy Season

Tips for Safe Driving During the Snowy Season



When it’s snowing heavily outside, it can be tempting to stay off of the road until the snow clears. However, sometimes winter driving can’t be avoided. If this is the case, and you have to drive in snowy or icy conditions, consider the following safety tips.


  1. Prepare for the season.

The first tip to keep you safe during the winter months, is to prepare your vehicle for the snow and ice. Check your brakes for any signs of pulling, squealing, or sticking. If they do anything other than engage and release smoothly, they need to be repaired before the snow falls. Also, make sure your headlights are clean and work properly, keep your tires inflated and be sure to use studded tires, and double check all wires and plugs within your ignition system.


  1. Be sure that your vehicle can be seen at all times.

Make sure that you brush the snow and ice off of your vehicle before pulling into traffic. Clear the frost and fog off of your windows, headlights, and mirrors, and if your visibility becomes extremely poor, don’t be afraid to find a safe place to pull over and stop.


  1. Use main roads.

Main roads are usually plowed and taken care of first. If you can help it, try to drive on main roads whenever possible. Side roads and back alleys re often not cleared of snow and ice, as they are considered to be less of a priority.


  1. Keep supplies in your vehicle.

You should always have winter-proof supplies in your vehicle when the weather is cold. These supplies can include an ice scraping tool, a shovel, warm extra clothes, a blanket, booster cables, a box of matches, windshield washer fluid and antifreeze, and an extra can of gas.


  1. Take your time.

This is the oldest winter driving tip in the book, but to this day, it reigns true. Going slow and taking your time in cold and dangerous weather is highly beneficial. By going slowly, you’ll be more likely to avoid collisions and losing control of your vehicle.